Unexpectedly human.

While the name Yorkville instantly conjures up images of Louboutin shoes and well-kept women miraculously staying upright in them, the “ville” in it still means something: Canada’s landmark shopping and stargazing neighbourhood is surprisingly cozy.

Yes, you’re five seconds from flagship stores that might take five weeks to get you a private shopping appointment; yes, $50 million condos tower above and they sell well and hold value even better; but for every retail monument and Michelin-starred restaurant, there’s an art gallery and cafe and shaded laneway to counter it. The best proof that this once-folkie haven (Neil Young and Joni Mitchell folkie) beats with a warm human heart, not a diamond-encrusted one? Its tiny, award-winning park, where a billion-year-old, million-pound chunk of Canadian shield was tractor-trailered in and put together piece by piece, like the unique jigsaw puzzle that is Yorkville itself. 

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