Meet Jonathan Ferrier

The vision is, simply, you.

“A luxury real estate experience, feeling, and level of service equal to, and worthy of, the properties we sell and the people we serve.”

This is the vision. And in 2020, after record-setting performances in the city’s premier luxury markets, and half a billion dollars in sales across twenty years, it's time to make that vision real.

I was raised in the real estate world. Zoning discussions over dinner, drywall dust in my hair as a boy. In 1999, I created one of Toronto’s first comprehensive real estate guides. It all led to here: a reimagined real estate model built on assembling acclaimed experts in disciplines that together, form the perfect real estate machine: operations, client experience, creative services, and of course, my own obsession with it all.

Hyper-specialized, painstaking, rigorous, this is how the world’s finest cars are designed and five-star hotels are run. It’s time to bring it to the luxury real estate experience.

This chapter of your life should not be ordinary. It should be Life Changing. Let me show you how. 

- Jonathan Ferrier



Work with Jonathan

I've spent a lifetime bringing Toronto’s best homes and people together. I would be honoured to do it for you.