Moore Park

It's only natural.

When you’re completely surrounded on all sides by remarkable nature, you can choose to think you’re either special or just lucky. Moore Park people choose the latter: there’s an unaffectedness, a quiet confidence to this polished neighbourhood that its direct neighbours like Rosedale might secretly covet.

What makes all of Moore Park’s nature so remarkable is its dizzying range: the Moore Park ravine runs through the entire place, all the way to the must-see Evergreen Brickworks, itself nestled on a grand nature refuge, and we don’t have room to describe all the parks, the reservoir and more. The home lots benefit: they’re often big and lush, and many Moore Park houses, largely Georgians and Tudors, back onto even more ravines. In terms of practicality, everything you could ever need is close at hand on trendy St. Clair, Bayview and Mount Pleasant — including your final resting place. Moore Park is another sleeper Toronto neighbourhood, and more affordable than the ones around it as well. And that’s one more thing that the people here feel pretty lucky about.

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