Lawrence Park

Family first.

There’s a lot of special places in Toronto where you can raise a family in safety, security and quiet. But Lawrence Park might be an extra-special one, because your neighbours will reach out and help you do it: that’s just what they do here.

A mélange of Tudors, Georgians, Colonials and large new builds, Lawrence Park is the city neighbourhood that’s far enough from the city to be as safe and peaceful — and naturally beautiful — as anywhere in Toronto. Privacy is valued here, but so is knowing your neighbours, and the mix is irresistible. But while it’s family-focused, it’s not all parks and strollers: over the last decade, Lawrence Park’s swatch of Yonge Street has taken it upon itself to blossom with quality shops, services and restos, placing another gem in the neighbourhood’s crown of meandering walkability. In Lawrence Park, the welcome mats in front of the homes tell the truth.

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