Forest Hill

A town-in-the-city feeling.

The car pulls up and stops, the doors swing open, and despite the sheets of rain, the passengers emerge as dry as the martinis that await — shielded by an arching carriage porch that stands atop the entrance of more than a few of the luxury homes in Forest Hill. It’s the just-right middle between Rosedale’s heritage houses and the Bridle Path’s sprawling lots.

Its high, serpentine streets feature more newer homes, many which rank are among the city’s largest, than its neighbouring areas. And those homes cut a wide swath of sizes and styles, from heritage homes to gated manors to luxury condominiums Household-name schools and feisty neighbourhood pride abound: you get a town-in-the-city feeling all over, but mostly in Forest Hill Village, where you go to buy lots of very good things or nothing at all, or simply check in with the neighbours and shopkeepers, and feed the friendly community vibe. Carriage porches might only last a century or two, but the Village is forever.

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