Lost in time.

The story about Cabbagetown’s name is beloved and, like all tales, has endless variations that only add to the fun: most people insist that many new immigrants to the area grew cabbages on their front lawns, others maintain it was just a few, and of course, a handful of party-poopers say there were none. But other things about Cabbagetown are incontrovertible, including the fact that the area boasts the largest number of Victorian heritage homes outside of England.

Surprises await down every street, featuring homes of every shape, size, and temperament: adorable workers’ cottages sit perfectly at home next to mansions with bedrooms those cottages could fit into. And local preservationists have made sure that most of the homes stay just as they are. Lovely strolls range from funky Parliament street to the funky smells of real working Riverdale Farm, there are plenty of parks with epic vista views, there’s a lush historical cemetery, and countless irresistible alleys, hidden streets and slice-of-England lanes. History, character, diversity and pride of all kinds — the Gay Village is right next door — are the coleslaw this sweet cabbage makes.

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