Bridal Path

Go big and go home.

One minute you think you’ve spotted Josephine pacing the manicured grounds, bereft over her split from Napoleon; drive a bit more and you’re in Gone With The Wind-era Atlanta, mint julep drinkers clinking highball glasses on the veranda… wait, is that Drake?  Problem is, you’re too far away to tell, plus you’re probably squinting through a wrought-iron gate.

Named after the equestrian paths that were envisioned when it was created, the Bridle Path is the only spot in Toronto where multiple-acre lots are the norm, sectioned off the massive farms and estates its founders claimed. Smallest frontage is 100 feet or so, the average is 200 and plenty push 300. The Bridle Path’s current owners are more new money than old, many international in background, and that might be all the background you ever get on them.  But the $20 million-plus luxury home price tags get you more than a home: the neighbourhood is conveniently located, excellently-schooled, and genuinely lovely, a sensorial pleasure to drive through, and of course, come home to.

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